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CHITWAN TIGER TOPS  is a unique traditional Tharu homestay and cooperates with the booking office Ways To Explore Nepal in Chitwan, Sauraha and is located between two pieces of jungle in Chitwan National Park called as Madi. Chitwan Tiger Tops is built entirely in local Tharu style.

WAYS TO EXPLORE NEPAL is a fair booking agency in the tourist area of ​​Chitwan, Sauraha here you can make various bookings for activities in Sauraha or Madi.

Chitwan Tiger Tops is also working with Ways To Explore Nepal, and the charity Education for Change, for the local population with the goal of creating a better future.

With us you can also return any items that you want to donate to the local poor population. You can think of clothing, shoes, school supplies, long-lasting food, daily non-prescription medicines, plasters, bandages, thermometers, etc. Of course, a money donation in our donation pot is also allowed. We will ensure that this ends up well and also report on it in a blog on our site.

With us there are also options for volunteering in various forms such as giving English lessons to children, but also for everything in the field of health to show, for example, what the profession of doctor or dentist entails and what treatments are involved. Teaching computer skills is also an option. All this to create a better future on the labor market.

Other options are always negotiable.
There are also opportunities for studying flora and fauna, individual and groups.


Chitwan Tiger Tops has a beautiful nature reserve where you can enjoy the peaceful tranquility, nature and wildlife. It is the perfect place to practice Yoga and Meditation, to withdraw and to find yourself. You can also go into the jungle with an experienced guide.

Chitwan Tiger Tops is built in traditional Tharu style. The Tharu people themselves say that they are a people of the forest. In Chitwan they have lived in the woods for hundreds of years. The Tharus never went abroad for work, a life that kept them isolated. In this isolation they developed a unique culture free from the influence of neighboring India, or from the mountain groups of Nepal. The most striking aspects of their environment are the decorated rice trays, colorfully painted verandas and outside walls of their houses with only available materials such as clay, mud, manure and grass. Much of the rich design is rooted in dedicated activities and is passed on from one generation to the next.

Ways To Explore Nepal

WAYS TO EXPLORE NEPAL is a reliable and honest tourist booking office in Chitwan National Park Sauraha.
Through this office you can book all activities that can be done in Chitwan and beyond.

You can also go here for the tourist bus tickets and airline tickets.

Activities with elephants are not organized due to the welfare of these animals.


In the area of ​​Sauraha you can still see the elephants walking the streets. It is very impressive to be able to see these beautiful animals from up close. Unfortunately there are still people who want to do activities with it.

You can also find rhino in different places. As a result, most hotels have a fence that can be closed at night, it is possible that a rhino will enter the grounds. You can also easily see the rhino bathing in the river. This is also a reason that the activities in Sauraha cannot be done by the army alone and you almost always need a guide if you want to enter certain areas.

In and along the river there are also 2 types of crocodiles, the fish-eater and the all-eater.

Furthermore you can find deer, peacocks, monkeys, wild elephants, bears, wild boar, and very special, the tiger in the Jungle and also the most beautiful birds in the entire area.


The activities that we offer include:

Jungle walking tour
Jungle Jeep safari
Evening walk in the area of Sauraha
Evening bike ride in Sauraha
Bird watching
A night’s sleep in the jungle
Canoe trips
Trekking to the Himalayas
Trekking to the Annapura Base Camp
Trekking through the Annapurna Circuit
Trekking through Mardi Himal
Poonhill Trek
Upperdang Gadi Trek
Blackhill Trekking
White water rafting
Visiting a waterfall
20.000 lakes by bike
Photography tour
Visit the local Tharu village
Walk in the surroundings of Sauraha with the ultimate goal of a sunset or rise.

You can also contact us for:
Luggage storage
All tourist bus tickets
Renting a private car
Tuktuk transportation
Chitwan Tiger Tops Homestay overnight stays and activities

The above activities can be booked individually or as a package
Example of a package (click on the link below):
Chitwan National Park Tour Package


We are Gabrielle and Kamal and this is our story …

Nepal had never been on my (Gabrielle) list of holiday resorts, but I ended up in Nepal for volunteer work.

After 10 days in Nepal I returned to the Netherlands where I got homesick on the way to the airport. As sober as I thought it would be ‘it will pass by itself’ if I were back in the Netherlands. Just go back to work with the rest of the daily routine. However, that was not the case….

However, the homesickness became worse and a month later I went back again. This time no tour or volunteer work but went directly to Chitwan, Sauraha. I met Kamal on one of the first days and we didn’t separate anymore.

A day at Madi, we were at the top of the rooftop at a homestay, with a beautiful view of the river in front of us. Nothing actually happened at that time, but I got a feeling that I really can’t describe well and I said to myself aloud …”I want to stay here”.

The result is that together we finally started our Homestay “Chitwan Tiger Tops” in Nepal, Madi.


All activities can be booked through Ways To Explore Nepal, including Chitwan Tiger Tops as Homestay with or without activity. Possible by just walking in or sending an email to:

Individual booking to Chitwan Tiger Tops is also possible via:


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Information in Dutch:
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